Website Content Management services

Website Content Management services we provide to help you manage and develop your websites consistently. It is suitable for agencies / organizations / companies that do not have specialized personnel to manage the websites independently.

Important know that in the editing and publishing progress, a piece of content must pay attention to things of which the structure of writing, adjustment and placement of images and video, ease of access to menu so that it can produce a quality content and easy to understand by any visitor who accesses your website.

The advantage in using this service :

  • You can save time
  • Cost-effective compared to locate and hire employees for this task
  • You can start and stop using our services anytime
  • The content and structure of writing can be done consistently
  • We will help care for and maintain your website

Source / idea of the material will suggested to you as the owner of the website, we will help and be responsible in designing it to be packed into a quality content.



1 month FREE*
Update / Content Revision (max. 5)
Add New Page (max. 7)
Upload Image (Gallery & Slide Header)
Add Module / Plugin
Edit Design (color, bg)



1 month FREE*
Update / Content Revision (max. 8)
Add New Page (max. 10)
Upload Image (Gallery & Slide Header)
Add Module / Plugin (max. 1)
Edit Design (color, bg)



1 month FREE*
Update / Content Revision (unlimited - 1x/day)
Add New Page (unlimited - 1x/day)
Upload Image (Gallery & Slide Header)
Add Module / Plugin (max. 1)
Edit Design (color, bg - max. 1)

* Only for minimum order 1 year

Management Website Services Information

Why should update the content?

The active website would be preferred, both by the Google search engine and the visitor who accessing your website. It would be boring if visitors just find the same content each time they visit your website.

Is there any option other than this Package?

Sure. For those of you who do not want to pay for these services per month, we have an option other Website Management Services that can be paid only every use our services only. The fee will be calculated separately, in accordance services required.
Update / Content Revision $10.000,-/Page (not for total revision)
Add Menu / Add Page $15.000,-/Page
Upload Image (Gallery / Slide Header) $10.000,-/upload (Max. 20 images)

Do not have a Website?

In the modern era as today, every business / companies at least have a website as the identity of the company's existence. There are so many benefits to be gained one of them is able to increase the prestige of the company and can introduce your business and the services with a much wider range. Determine the Website Packages that fit your business now!

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